Lorenzo Hernandez (1959) started his career at the age of fourteen in the Canary Islands. Since then he has lived and worked in different cities around the world. He began in Barcelona, working in advertising, and in 1982 he decided to move to London and work in fashion. In 1986, contrary to the trends of the times, he started to work with Caribbean and African American models in New York. It was in this period when his photography acquired his personal style, which he continued to develop back in Europe.

In 2014 he met publisher Guillermo Camacho and started publishing his books with Aurora Boreal®: LONDONvista (2014), Manifashion (2015), Arte en movimiento (2016), Lorscapes (2017), My Photogram (2020),  Ashtanga Reflections (2021)and Formidable Rivals (2021).

Currently he continues working in LoVe, a project that involves fifteen couples and is about to conclude Séquences Parisiennes.

© Lorenzo Hernandez